Rehabilitating & Conditioning
Horses & Humans

& Conditioning
Horses & Humans

Treatment focuses on rehabilitation and conditioning of horses recovering from injury, or maintaining optimum body condition to ensure the horse is in peak condition and to avoid accumulative stresses of tight muscles and stiff joints aiming to enhance performance.

Treatment approaches consist of:

  • joint & soft tissue mobilisations
  • dry needling
  • proprioceptive retraining
  • dynamic stretches
  • strengthening

A Team Approach

Horses, like people can suffer injuries, in fact often more so. This can be due to acute injuries sustained in the paddock, or even during ridden activities.

They can also become sore from training issues, low grade lameness, and weakness in certain areas of their bodies.

Physiotherapy aims to assess the reason for the pain, or lack of performance, and devise a strategic treatment plan involving goal setting, and advice to achieve return to full function.

At times, when necessary, the physiotherapist will work in conjunction with the vet, farrier, and saddle fitter to ensure all aspects of the horse’s well being are considered.

About Lindsey

Lindsey Skinner (nee Craig) has been a qualified human physiotherapist for over 20 years. Originally from Scotland, she moved to Australia to continue her career in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and completed her Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy. Following that she then moved to New Zealand where she owned a Private Physiotherapy Clinic on the North Shore of Auckland and also had an equine caseload.

She has since moved more into equine practice and now focuses mainly on treating horses and riders, as well as a small clientele of non-horse related human clients!

Lindsey works with some of New Zealand’s top performance horses, and horses that perform in dressage, show jumping, eventing and showing, as well as pleasure horses. 

Humans too!

Lindsey can also provide mobile physiotherapy to the rider as well as having her own clinic in Muriwai, Auckland. She is also trained in Pilates which is a valuable tool for improving core strength and stability in all patients, and can highly benefit the rider to ensure best position when on the horse. 

We all know that if the rider is balanced, the horse can then perform much more evenly.

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